About Craylor Academy

Craylor Academy is a collection of educational content that helps average users build their online presence. Our mission at Craylor Academy is to empower you to learn web platforms by giving you a foundational knowledge of each platform.

I created the educational content I wish I had

Since the beginning, my content creation journey has been fueled by one thing: curiosity. I’ve always loved experimenting with different tools, researching what makes one solution better than another, and trying new platforms.

This curiosity is what got me to where I am today. As I started exploring WordPress years ago, I was often frustrated by how a lot of content assumes you have a base level of knowledge. Maybe it assumes you already know the basics of the admin dashboard, but what if you’re brand new to WordPress? For first timers, even stock screens in the admin dashboard can be confusing and intimidating.

That’s why I created Craylor Academy. I want to educate you on topics like WordPress, hosting, DNS, and domains in a way that increases your confidence level for DIY projects.

Craylor Academy courses aren’t “expert-level” – instead, they’re designed to give you a strong foundation in a given web platform so you are able to tackle your own DIY projects.

Content Roadmap

The Craylor Academy brand was launched on YouTube in 2022 and has now expanded to an in-house platform.

Aug 2022
First Craylor Academy mini course launches on YouTube

We made a 3-part series on YouTube showing you how to build a WordPress website with Salient and WPBakery.

Apr 2024
First Full Course Launches On crayloracademy.com

We launched our first “full course” on building a WordPress website with Kadence and the blocks editor. The course uses the free version of Kadence and free plugins, so users just need web hosting and a domain.

More content coming soon

Our vision is to expand Craylor Academy to include additional WordPress themes and page builders. Eventually, we see an opportunity to create content on platforms beyond WordPress.