Learning Web Platforms. Simplified.

build your online presence in hours, not months.

Craylor Academy is a collection of easy-to-digest courses designed to teach you platforms like WordPress, Cloudflare, and everything you need to build your brand’s online presence.


Remember the first time you opened the WordPress admin dashboard?

Maybe you immediately felt overwhelmed. I know I did.

And here’s the thing: it seems like all the “techy” people out there just “assume” you already know the basics of WordPress and other popular platforms.

But we all start from zero, and I was frustrated by the lack of easy-to-digest, accessible education to bridge the gap from beginner to proficient.

Whether you’re learning WordPress, Cloudflare, Shopify, or another platform, my mission is to give you a clear understanding of web platforms so you can get back to what’s most important: running your business.

Craylor Academy is a collection of courses on different topics, some of which are completely free, so watch and enjoy!

If you have any questions, I’m here to help.

Learn To Build Your WordPress Site For Free

My latest course shows you how to build your WordPress site 100% free.

I use the Kadence theme which is free and all free plugins. You just need web hosting and a domain name, and I cover an affordable and easy web hosting option in the course.

I demonstrate how to use the WordPress blocks editor within Kadence, so you won’t be reliant on a third-party page builder.

You’ll learn:

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